Incluencer marketing and social strategy go hand in hand.

Your customers expect you to send them smart, personalized messages across all channels, not just email. Social media is one of the primary ways to interact with and build brand connections. Influencer marketing on social has the potential to accelerate customer adoption, and it can be accomplished with a smart social media strategy. If you really want to activate your advocates, you must take a proactive approach to identifying & embracing your key influencers and leverage them as your digital street team to generate new prospects and more loyal customers.

You’ll learn the process for brainstorming, creating, and using a smart social media strategy. This includes defining your objectives, identifying your targets (prospects, customers, relevant influencers), engaging those targets, and then measuring your results. Sign up for the webinar!

Every company should have a social media strategy: Which social media outlets it’s going to use, what content it’s going to post, and how it’s going to interact with customers on those social media outlets.

In this webinar featuring Adam Wexler, Chief Strategy Officer of Insightpool, you’ll learn how to utilize smart social strategies to drive customers to your organization. You’ll also hear testimonials from industry experts about how they have used social media to attract and retain the right buyers and how their message has been syndicated on the web because of it. Adam will walk you through case studies from leading B2C and B2B companies, and will showcase how they use social influence to drive customer adoption for a variety of different companies that they serve.