Learn about strategies to improve relevance and results in this free webinar with David Daniels, CEO at The Relevancy Group, LLC and Christopher Penn, Director of Inbound Marketing at WhatCounts. This webinar will explore the new Relevancy Group and WhatCounts research on Creating Email Marketing Effectiveness with On-Premise Solutions.

The research is based on a survey of 368 marketing and IT executives and answers key questions including:

  • Which type of deployment options do marketers currently use?
  • What is the outlook for utilizing on-premise email marketing technology?
  • What are the elements that marketers most desire when selecting email marketing solutions?
  • What benefits do those utilizing on-premise technology claim?
  • Are marketers utilizing on-premise solutions that are more sophisticated than their hosted peers?
  • What challenges most greatly plague on-premise email marketers?
  • What is the ROI of on-premise solutions as compared to hosted solutions and what is the overall impact of these different senders on corporate revenue?

This interactive webinar will highlight how effective marketing tactics can create additional efficiency when deployed with on-premise marketing technologies. We will explore at which email marketing volumes on-premise marketing solutions begin to deliver a return on investment.

*** Please note that the software mentioned at the beginning of the presentation is no longer available, but we still do recommend the Rapportive plug-in for Gmail.