Professional Service Packages

Find what works for you out of the array of our professional services packages.WhatCounts offers professional service packages designed specifically for your combined strategy, creative and campaign production needs. Whether you want to develop templates that render well on mobile devices, create a drip campaign series, or are just getting started with email marketing, we’ve got you covered!

If you don’t see a package below that suits your needs, just contact your Strategic Account Manager, fill out your contact information below, or call 1-866-804-0076 and we can create a custom service package.

Four Template Reviews with Scorecards

  • On brand, best practices, design expertise
  • Strategy feedback on optimizing content for high engagement
  • Spam filter and rendering review of existing coding

Start-Up Package

  • Specific email campaign strategy
  • Standard template design to support campaign strategy
  • Coding of single email template to prepare campaign deployment

Refresh & Enhance Package

  • Lifecycle marketing gap analysis
  • 10-piece master mix n’ match template design
  • Coding of master mix n’ match template

Mobile Enhanced Package

  • Mobile strategy for specific email program and wireframes
  • Standard desktop  and mobile template design
  • Coding of reactive template with media queries

Best Email Program in My Industry Package

  • Competitive analysis: email program performance
  • Lifecycle marketing gap analysis
  • Full 10-piece mix n’ match template design
  • Coding of full 10-piece mix n’ match template
  • Preference Center strategy
  • Three-page Preference Center design
  • Three-page Preference Center coding

Drip/Series Campaign Package

  • Drip/series email campaign and micro-site strategy
  • Five-piece mix n’ match template design
  • Coding of five-piece mix n’ match template
  • Email campaign and micro-site wireframes
  • Campaign branded micro-site design
  • Campaign micro-site coding

Creative Assistance Add-On (can be added to any package)

  • Annual strategy, creative and coding reviews
  • Eight hours of monthly creative or Creative Production Services updates