WhatCounts Integration API

Plug into our Integration API!
Plug into our Integration API.Looking for email marketing data integration? WhatCounts offers one of the most thorough application programming interface (API) suites in the industry. Whether it’s to drive important transactional messaging or to integrate tightly with existing in-house solutions, WhatCounts’ API suite is designed to deliver robust features, rapid deployment and easy integration.

Our full-featured Integration API suite can be used to:

  • Manage creative content
  • Import subscribers (either singularly or in batch)
  • Retrieve subscriber information
  • Send transactional emails
  • Deploy a mass mailing
  • Report campaign overviews and click-through statistics

In fact, more than 95 percent of the WhatCounts application is exposed through the API, giving you maximum flexibility.

Our API supports both REST via JSON and SOAP via XML, along with traditional data moving methods such as FTP.

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