WhatCounts Email Marketing Solutions

SaaS Email Marketing

WhatCounts SaaS Email Marketing is a comprehensive software-as-a-service solution that integrates email marketing, interactive and viral marketing, RSS, social media extensions and video. Our SaaS email marketing platform is among the most feature-rich and can be used to create, manage, deploy, and monitor sophisticated, highly targeted email marketing campaigns.  It’s perfect for marketers who are looking for an easily accessible, scalable solution for all their email marketing needs.

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WhatCounts Hosted Email Broadcaster

The WhatCounts Broadcaster is our on-premise email management appliance solution. Hosted in your data center or ours, this world-class appliance allows you to send hundreds of thousands of emails every single hour.
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Client Hosted Email Broadcaster

The WhatCounts Client Hosted Broadcaster our proprietary email management appliance solution which is located at the client’s location. We deploy our SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for large volume, super-fast email mailing.
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WhatCounts Email Delivery Tools

We take complete care of your email delivery so your team can focus on the marketing side of email marketing. Mailbox monitoring, engagement measurements, campaign preview, and reputation monitoring are just a few of our features. Learn More

About Our Solutions

Our email marketing solutions are perfect for those who take their email marketing seriously. We truly believe that email is that best, highest performing medium in digital marketing. That’s one of the reasons we love email.

In our years of experience we have in gained invaluable knowledge about how email works, what our customers want and what the future holds. The email marketing solutions WhatCounts offers is a reflection of this. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo so we can talk you through our process.

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