Increase your click-through rate by two or three times using video enhanced email.

Video email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to increase engagement with your subscribers. Let’s look at how the WhatCounts platform can help you use video effectively in your email marketing.

Simple Video Uploads

Uploading your video is easy. WhatCounts accepts many different formats and our high-speed servers upload and convert your video in near real time.

Easy Message Integration

Once your video is uploaded, open any of your templates, select Video Tag, and generate the code for your video. WhatCounts automatically creates a player that’s platform appropriate, and all you need to do is hit send.

Multiplatform Support

To ensure maximum compatibility, your video-enhanced email will open and play in a web browser after a click on the video image in any email client.

Video Viewing Metrics

Metrics are what truly sets apart our video enhanced email. From inside your email reporting, see how many people opened your message and how far into the video they watched. You’ll know instantly how engaging your video was and can fine tune your results for future campaigns and media.

With our video enhanced email, WhatCounts demonstrates our continued commitment to help you send smarter, more personalized marketing. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of flexible deployment options, a dedicated account model, campaign production services, and video enhanced email, ¬†call 1-866-804-0076 or email us today.