Create a better customer experience with transactional email marketing.

Ask yourself this simple question: How often do you read transactional messages such as receipts or thank you confirmation notices?

If you’re like most people, chances are you read them about half the time, which is three times as much as many other emails get read. Whether you call them transactional or triggered messages, these operational messages represent an enormous marketing opportunity to increase loyalty and boost revenue.

WhatCounts can trigger an email when your customers interact with you. Operational messages might be eCommerce receipts, flight confirmations, reminders or service delays. Our team understands these types of messages are vital to the overall customer experience and service levels – we can support both IT requirements, as well as marketing desires.

WhatCounts hosts a single database and messaging platform for sending transactional messages that support your business operations.

Our Transactional Email Marketing solution enables the following:

  • Transactional messaging is more than a text-based message that is flat, untraceable and not interactive. Our team of professionals works with you to design messages that create a marketing channel for your business.
  • Integrating WhatCounts with your other systems will allow you to trigger transactional messages whenever your customers interact with you. It might be your website, CRM, call center or point of sale: We can deliver the message you need quickly and dynamically.
  • Our infrastructure is serious. We deliver billions of messages every year. Whether you need to send a few hundred messages or millions, we can support your requirements.
  • Dynamic content drives personalization. Our platform allows you to deliver transactional messages that are unique for each recipient. Whether you want to wish someone a happy birthday, remind them to renew their membership, or deliver a unique advertisement – our system is data driven and dynamic.

To learn more about our transactional email options, call 1-866-804-0076 or email us today.