The WhatCounts Winter 2014 Professional Edition release is here! The new Professional Edition features a much faster, more modern looking user interface, as well as a relational database to store myriads of customer data. Below is the recording of our training webinar, as well as answers to the questions asked on this webinar.

Questions and answers

Q: If we currently have segmentation setup in WhatCounts how will those be affected with the changes to segmentation in the new platform?
A: The new segmentation system is set up to migrate all current rules automatically. The first phase (being launched at the end of this month) will focus on allowing customers to create new simple rules to get acquainted with the system. In the next phase, we are building more complex rules and some new rule types.

Q: Will subscriber management functionality remain the same?
A: Subscriber management will work exactly the same, with the addition of some new colors. However, subscriber management is due for some new functionality and improvements, which I am working with the team on now.

Q: Can you break out the data dashboard you are displaying by IP? We have a few IP addresses and would love to see the overall seven days by IP.
A: The current system does not allow for this, but that is a great idea for some features we have discussed.

Q: Is the new UI more mobile friendly? Does the new UI use javascript? Is this built on flash? If not, can I use the new UI on my iPad?
A: A focus of this new UI update was to move some functionality out of Flash/ Flex and into HTML5/ Javascript along with moving into a new mobile and tablet friendly framework. Even though this mobile was not a main focus on this release, we are positioning the platform for future mobile and tablet optimization.

Q: What database is the new system built in?
A: The most important part of the new UI release was the inclusion of a new foundation for the WhatCounts platform. We have moved to MSSQL and rebuilt the foundation of the Professional system. In this release we have seen huge performance gains for load times, importing, and exporting of data.

Q: Will it be possible to view the list of subscribers created from a LIST + SEGMENTATION RULE without exporting, saving down, etc.
A: Right now the system will work exactly the way it does currently. However, with the database changes we have made to the system in this release, pulling down this potentially huge amount of data not only becomes possible, but fast. We are looking to add this kind of feature in the near future.

That’s it for the questions. Learn more about our features below.

User Interface

Get ready for a new look and feel! We’ve been working hard to bring you an updated User Interface that matches the speed and power of our platform, and here it is! You’ll notice new branding, colors and icons. Don’t worry, many of the features are the same, but they’ve just been given a little face lift! There are some features below that have been added or changed to make them even easier to use.

The new UI is here!

Relational Database
Do you need to use data in an advanced way in your email program? Our new Relational Database feature allows you to facilitate the modification and creation of relational tables. These tables let you store a lot more data and access it much faster than traditional databases. In addition to separating data according to its data structure, a relational database allows the formulation of relationships defining a probable link between data types.