Make it to the inbox.

Abandoned MailboxesDid you know that most email service providers will tell you that a message was delivered, when in fact they can only confirm that it left their servers successfully?

Enterprise email marketing is a powerful tool for your marketing toolkit, but only if the email is actually getting delivered to its destination successfully. There are so many ways a message can get lost in transit – spam filters, content filters, address book routing problems, DNS problems. At the end of the day, the goal of getting the right message to the right people can seem incredibly daunting.

How can you get a better sense of what your actual email deliverability is? WhatCounts can help. Find out with Delivery Tools, in partnership with industry leader ReturnPath.

WhatCounts Delivery Tools Include:

  • Mailbox Monitor
    • Confirm that your email arrived, when, and what folder it was placed in by each Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Campaign Preview
    • Determine how your campaign will look in different email readers so you can fix problems before you hit send.
  • Reputation Monitor
    • Find out how each ISP sees your sender reputation and exactly what you need to do to improve that reputation and your email delivery rates.
  • Blacklist Alert
    • Know whether blacklists are impacting your deliverability so you can get removed from the blacklist and get your email through.

Delivery Services and Tools Data Sheet