Get Your “Inbox Love” Fuel Form

Customer relationships start with a Twinkle (Interest) and a Spark (Opt-in email address)

Join WhatCounts and BriteVerify’s Founding Partner Matt McFee for a 30-Minute Speed Dating Webinar on Email Best Practices to use BEFORE you start your “Inbox Love” communication.

The session is designed to deliver email marketing specialists with real-world customer facts … Fast… so you can consume and get back to your day job – winning customer loyalty.

Come learn:

  • How aggressive marketers avoid Pylons and maximize “Inbox Love”. We will discuss an ounce of prevention to avoid email address hard bouncing and anti-spam organizations.
  • How invalid emails disrupt B2C & B2B email marketing programs globally – mobile downloads, daily deals, online e-tailers, lead generation, marketing automation,…
  • See real implementations by online brands and learn how they are protecting their customer databases with real-time email address verification while a new customer is opting in via a web form.
  • See how WhatCounts technology + BriteVerify helped another rapidly growing daily deals customer.
  • Online retailers and anti-spam organizations are at a crossroad with “TypoTraps”. Learn what they are, why they matter and what the Best Practices are that will help prevent their issues.