Mission and Values

WhatCounts is dedicated to helping our clients send smarter, more personalized messages. We strive to fulfill our mission and values by providing you with innovative technology and services, coupled with the best, most human support of any company in our industry.

We provide our clients with:

  • Customized campaign production services
  • Flexible, robust technology to communicate with their customers
  • Deep competency with data management and integration
  • Personal customer service experience
  • Interaction with dedicated, knowledgeable and committed people

Our core values:

WhatCounts has thrived in a competitive industry because we deeply believe in four core values, which represent the people who work here, the type of team we want to be, and the way we view the world:

  • Dream Big: We are creative, innovative thinkers who dream big dreams for our company, and figure out how to make those dreams a reality.
  • Work Hard: We are committed to what we do and engaged with what we are doing. We love to work hard because we love what we do.
  • Learn Constantly: We are thought leaders who want to grow the possibilities of what each of us can accomplish by embracing knowledge and learning.
  • Enjoy Life: We consider work a thread in the tapestry of the life we enjoy and are always ready to have fun.