Corporate Overview and History

WhatCounts is an email marketing company.WhatCounts is an email marketing company dedicated to helping you find and grow your email marketing ROI. We accomplish this by providing our clients with flexible deployment options (SaaS or appliance), a dedicated account model where you work with the same team all of the time instead of a random call center employee, campaign production services for full service email marketing when you need it, and enhanced email with the latest video and social options. We are dedicated to helping you send smart, personalized messages. When you create timely, targeted, awe-inspiring emails, customer engagement grows and your business grows. Ultimately, personalized email marketing helps you achieve your email marketing ROI goals.

We are proud of the fact that some of our customers are seeing email marketing ROI as high as $200 returned for every $1 invested. We’re headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., with offices in Seattle, Sydney, Baltimore, and other regional locations.

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