WhatCounts is proud to announce the Summer 2012 release of our Publicaster Edition for current and prospective customers, with 5 exciting new features, including the ability to pause and restart campaigns, mobile content for landing pages, sharing to Pinterest and Google+, Google Translate support, and enhanced A/B split test reporting.

Pause/Restart Buttons

Ever found yourself partway through an email campaign and realize you made a mistake in your content? Ever found yourself shouting, Oh STOP? Our new campaign controls feature lets you start, stop, or pause A/B split tests and metered sends so that you can fix broken content before it goes out to your entire list.

Mobile Landing Pages

In addition to our mobile format option for email, Publicaster features mobile content for landing pages. Publicaster can detect whether your subscriber is on a mobile device and show them the appropriate mobile content you’ve provided instead. They can even click back and forth from the mobile and full version no matter what device they’re using. Help keep your readers engaged with mobile content for landing pages!

Got Pins?

Are your subscribers active on the newest social networks, Google+ and Pinterest? They’re larger than you think. Get your email marketing to them with new Google+ and Pinterest share buttons. With just a few clicks, your subscribers can share your email to these fast growing platforms and help bring more viewers, subscribers, and customers to you.

Google Translate

Google Translate features have been enabled on all public pages and content, in addition to your email marketing messages. Communicate with your subscribers in over 25 different languages and let them automatically read in the language that suits them best. Publicaster customers should ask their account managers to enable this feature.

Enhanced Split Test Reporting

Finally, with enhanced A/B split reporting, you can now view a quick summary of the outcome of your A/B split tests and see why the winner was chosen. You can also view the test criteria that was used for the send.

With the Summer 2012 release of our Publicaster Edition, WhatCounts demonstrates our continued commitment to helping you find and grow your email marketing ROI. If you’re interested in using the Publicaster platform, please contact us today at 866-804-0076 or visit us on the web at www.whatcounts.com.