WhatCounts is proud to announce the Spring 2012 release of the WhatCounts Publicaster Edition for current and prospective customers, with 4 exciting new features, including enhanced data services, email click heat maps, foreign language translation of your emails, and an improved share bar. Let’s take a look at these new tools to help you find and grow your email marketing ROI.


Enhanced Subscriber Data

Who is your subscriber? Do you know whether they have kids, what their household income is, what postal codes make up your email marketing database? You will with our newly enhanced data services. The WhatCounts Publicaster edition now offers a premium data service that will find and append extra information based on the email addresses you already have. You can segment your email database over nine additional data fields to improve your email ROI, such as household income, owns a smartphone, social media influence score, and much more.

Email Click Heat Maps

Ever want to see what’s getting the most clicks in your email marketing messages at a glance, or see how your subscribers are reading through your newsletters? With new Click Heat Maps, you can visually spot the hottest part of your newsletter. Adjust your content and creative to match what your users are already clicking on, or remove content that simply isn’t getting any attention.

Foreign Language Translation

Want to offer your email in more than one language, but don’t have the staffing resources to translate it? Using the powerful new Google Translate features, your email marketing can go international with no additional work. With up to 20 different languages to choose from, your subscribers can read your communications in the language of their choice.

Share Bar

We’ve made it even easier to share with your network with the new Share Bar. The Share Bar hovers over the top of your email when viewed in a browser and lets you present forward to a friend and social media options to your readers with just one click or touch. Sharing and spreading your email messages has never been easier.

With the WhatCounts Publicaster Edition Spring 2012 release, WhatCounts demonstrates our continued commitment to helping you find and grow your email marketing ROI.

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of flexible deployment options, a dedicated account model, campaign production services, and video & social enhanced email to help find and grow your email marketing ROI, contact us today at 866-804-0076 or follow the directions below.