WhatCounts Announces Partnership to Enhance Remarketing Capabilities

WhatCounts partners with SeeWhy to create a combined solution to enable companies to recover up to 50% of website abandoners via automated, right-time email and social media remarketing campaigns.

Atlanta, GA August 29, 2011

WhatCounts, Inc., a privately held Atlanta-based email marketing company, recently partnered with SeeWhy to create a combined solution to enable companies to recover up to 50% of website abandoners via automated, right-time email and social media remarketing campaigns.

WhatCounts chose to integrate with SeeWhy because it is the only shopping cart recovery service able to follow up in real-time via both targeted email and social networks.

“With the new SeeWhy integration, our clients can now connect to their customers in real-time and easily track the ROI of their remarketing campaigns,” said WhatCounts President and Founder Allen Nance. “Over 90% of abandoned shopping carts go cold within an hour, and the partnership with SeeWhy will help our clients capture that lost revenue before it’s too late.”

WhatCounts will host a joint webinar on September 8th to announce the partnership and showcase the new capabilities with Charles Nicholls, CSO and founder of SeeWhy, and Lou McMenamy, VP of Sales at SeeWhy.

Register now: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/644301073

“By partnering with WhatCounts, SeeWhy customers can now leverage best-of-breed email delivery and management to launch the remarketing campaigns triggered by SeeWhy Conversion Manager,” said Scott G. Silk, CEO of SeeWhy. “Real-time remarketing is one of the most effective tools for boosting website conversions, and the simplicity of WhatCounts plus SeeWhy extends the benefits to a wider range of companies.”

About WhatCounts

WhatCounts, a private company founded in 2000, has a presence on four continents with email being delivered in over 35 languages. Over the last decade, WhatCounts has partnered with many of the world’s leading organizations to drive successful email marketing programs by delivering the only robust lifecycle email marketing platform in the world that can be deployed as a SaaS (software-as-a-service), a BroadcasterTM (on-premise appliance installed in client’s datacenter), or as a Managed Service (a dedicated system hosted in the WhatCounts’ datacenters). WhatCounts’ clients have come to rely on their dedicated account model that ensures that they always interact with a knowledgeable team. Through their campaign production services, the team designs, builds, optimizes, tests, deploys, and monitors millions of targeted email marketing programs through a full-service framework, allowing its clients to outsource the entire process. As a technology innovator, WhatCounts has always been on the leading edge of the email marketing industry. Product differentiators include fully integrated social media and fully supported video-enhanced email. WhatCounts is proudest of the return on investment realized by some customers realizing over $200 in email-driven revenue for every $1 of investment.

About SeeWhy

SeeWhy is the industry’s only real-time shopping cart recovery service to follow up in real time via email and social networks. The company delivers the highest ROI in ecommerce by responding immediately to shopping cart and web form abandonment with behaviorally triggered 1-to-1, real-time messages. Remarketing to abandoned visitors using the Conversion Manager solution converts up to 50 percent of visitors that had abandoned their shopping carts, online forms, applications and registrations. SeeWhy is headquartered in Boston, MA. More information can be found at http://www.seewhy.com/.