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We Love Email

We love email. The numbers don’t lie: Personalized emails increase open rates by 72 percent and click rates by 81 percent. Email is there for you as a marketing channel: Driving the most ROI, engaging with customers, giving you measurable results. Times are changing, though. Consumers are smarter than ever before. They want to see [...]

Part II: Get Smart, eCommerce Marketers!

Getting to know your subscribers and personalizing the messages they are sent is important in digital marketing, including in eCommerce. You may have a lot of data on your hands, but you need to properly segment that data and create timely, relevant messages in order to make good use of that data. Automation and combining [...]

Part I: Get Smart, eCommerce Marketers!

In the first days of email, the focus was on sending as many messages as possible to as many people for the lowest possible cost. My, how the digital marketing perspective has changed! Soon we began to see that we needed to use segmentation and include content people actually wanted to read, including in eCommerce. [...]