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IRCE 2015 Recap

IRCE 2015

We’re coming off a tremendous week spending time with our retail customers and partners at IRCE 2015 in Chicago, Illinois! A conference like IRCE offers a unique opportunity to spend time and get actionable feedback from the group we care about most: our customers. The show offered insight into why email remains so relevant with internet retailers in 2015.

We Love Email

We love email.

The numbers don’t lie: Personalized emails increase open rates by 72 percent and click rates by 81 percent. Email is there for you as a marketing channel: Driving the most ROI, engaging with customers, giving you measurable results.

Times are changing, though. Consumers are smarter than ever before. They want to see relevant, personal, timely emails. You need to send the right message at the right time to the right person, and email is the only marketing channel up to the challenge.

Feature Friday: Relational Database in Professional Edition

It’s nearly here! In a little over a week, we’ll be releasing a modern, intuitive user interface. If you haven’t had a chance to get a sneak peek, go to You’ll notice that although the colors, shapes and overall feel of the user interface has changed, most of the functionality has stayed the same. All the tasks you complete on a daily basis in Professional Edition – -uploading a list, scheduling a deployment, building a template – are all done the same way with the new user interface.

4 Steps for Creating a Complete Content Calendar

It’s the end of the year. Final holiday campaigns are going out, and you’re on the home stretch. One more project is looming over you: The content calendar for 2014. If you’re dreading creating it or have just decided to avoid it altogether, think again. Content calendars give you a clear picture throughout the year of where your digital marketing is heading. When you’re at a loss for what to do next, content calendars provide a strategic roadmap.

Part II: Get Smart, eCommerce Marketers!

Getting to know your subscribers and personalizing the messages they are sent is important in digital marketing, including in eCommerce. You may have a lot of data on your hands, but you need to properly segment that data and create timely, relevant messages in order to make good use of that data. Automation and combining media channels are other key parts of sending smarter, more personalized eCommerce emails that matter to your customers.