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Get Ready to Re-Market Smarter

Most retailers understand that email remarketing is a powerful way to reengage visitors and bolster sales. What some still haven’t realized, however, is that email remarketing can delve far deeper than just into an abandoned shopping cart. Sure, abandoned cart campaigns can be extremely valuable, easy to implement and cost effective, but the opportunity for even more success through behaviorally targeted campaigns is often left on the table (along with a lot of money)!

5 Email Marketing Articles You Need to Read

The Critical 7 Seconds: Starting the Customer Conversation or Ending It
It’s the moment of truth for marketers: The first seven seconds of someone watching, reading, or otherwise digesting your content will either make you or break you. Hook your audience in those seven seconds or else you’ll lose them. That means everywhere your headlines appear – blog posts, landing pages, emails – they must be relevant and compelling enough to grab the reader’s attention and make him or her want to go further than those seven seconds.