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National Aquarium rocks video in email best practices

The National Aquarium's sea turtle gif is an example of video in email best practices.

Video in email best practices. It’s one of those hot topics customers often ask us about.

Can we use video in email yet?

How do we best send video to our subscribers?

When will video in email be supported?

Our recommendations have always been to:

Avoid using video directly in email. Only Apple Mail supports video played directly in the inbox, so it’s not worth sending to your full list when most subscribers won’t be able to play the video.

Using Video in Email is Easier than You Think

Many marketers today are using video to spice up their marketing, educate customers, and talk about products and services. Combining these videos with email, the highest ROI-producing channel, can boost exposure of this your marketing messages.

But what’s the best way to integrate video into your email marketing? There are a variety of email providers and apps, and a lot of popular ISPs aren’t fans of including videos in email. Because of security concerns, these ISPs strip JavaScript and iframes, two of the commonly used tools for embedding video in email.

Publicaster Edition Winter 2013 Release Is Live!

If you’re a WhatCounts Publicaster customer or interested in our product, you will be happy to know that our Winter 2013 release updates have gone live in the platform as of today. We’ve got 5 awesome new features that we are sure you will love, including opt-in conversion tracking, inline CSS converter, behavioral profile actions, new segmentation conditions and post-link editing. For a brief overview of each of these features and how to use them, check out our handy video below. Want the Cliffs Notes version? Breeze through the feature descriptions below the video:

Are your mobile calls to action too small?

When it comes to email calls to action, mobile devices can be incredibly deceiving. What looks normal on your desktop computer when you’re designing your email looks tiny on the actual device.

Most email marketers vastly overestimate the accuracy of people’s fingertips on mobile emails – and your calls to action suffer, making your emails perform poorly and frustrating subscribers.

Top 5 Email Marketing Questions with Tech Cocktail

Recently, Tech Cocktail sat down with me to discuss their top 5 questions about email marketing:

1. What’s the biggest mistake made in e-mail marketing?
2. For boot-strapping tech startups who have limited manpower, where do you rank e-mail marketing compared to social media and blogging in terms of importance?
3. What’s the number one piece of advice for optimizing open rates?
4. How import a role does design play in a newsletter? Do you have any general tips for improving one’s e-mail layout?
5. What’s the most important question marketings aren’t asking in regards to e-mail marketing?