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Feature Friday: Link Keywords in Publicaster Edition

In our newest release to Publicaster Edition this week, we’ve given you the ability to associate one or more keywords with a link. Not only does the link keywords feature works in emails, but it also works for landing pages created in our platform.

Why would you want to apply keywords to links? Say you want to update someone’s profile with a value when they click on a certain link. It’s simple when you only have a few links in your message, and they’re all different. However, when there are many links throughout the body of your email, and many of them are the same, it’s cumbersome to set up all the different profile actions for each link.

Feature Friday: Engagement, Inactive and Passive Subscriber Reports in Professional Edition

Email list health isn’t just about getting more and more subscribers. It’s about giving the boot to ones who aren’t opening, clicking, or otherwise engaging with your messages. It’s hard to say good-bye, but doing so is a must in several cases. This blog post has the down and dirty about when and how to get rid of unresponsive subscribers.

Feature Friday: RSS-to-Email in Publicaster Edition

Did you know you could be sending an email featuring your blog content? The best part is you set it up once and then don’t lift a finger after that.

Once you set up an RSS-to-Email campaign in Publicaster, it automatically pulls in updated content from your RSS feed. It then sends this email to a list or segmentation of subscribers you’ve already chosen. Set it to send in real time or on a weekly or daily basis – the choice is yours.

Feature Friday: A/B Testing in Professional Edition

Are your emails campaigns falling short either in open, click or click-through rates? Perhaps you’re at the end of your creative limits, trying every trick in the book to get subscribers to interact with your emails. No matter how hard you try to please your subscribers, you can’t win. It’s time to reverse your order of thinking: Give subscribers the content they want. How to do this? Test different from addresses, subject lines and creative to see which ones subscribers engage with most. If you’re a Professional Edition user, our A/B testing feature is one of the best in the industry and just received a facelift along with the rest of the platform.

Feature Friday: Twitter Lead Generation Cards + Publicaster

Last year, Twitter rolled out an exciting new feature for its paying advertisers: Lead Generation Cards. How it works is that when someone expands a tweet, they see a description of a special offer (anything you want to promote, really), and by clicking a button, the user sends their name, Twitter handle and email address to the advertiser. An example, from Twitter: