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Customize an HTML Email in 5 Steps Using Our Theme Library & Layout Editor


Today’s post comes courtesy of Keith Nickoles, a member of the WhatCounts Campaign Production Services team and WhatCounts Platform Super-Wizard.

The Theme Library and Layout Editor are two newer tools added to our platform to help boost versatility and productivity when it comes to adding, updating and editing email. Our Theme Library is where your Layouts will be created from. There are several default themes available as well as custom themes that we can create for you and place in this Library. Once you’ve chosen a Theme, simply create a child Layout and you will be directed to the Layout Editor. The Layout Editor provides you with an intuitive, code-less, and user-friendly way of creating and editing content. It allows you to redesign modular-styled layouts as well as update content before preparing your email for testing and deployment.

Using Video in Email is Easier than You Think

Many marketers today are using video to spice up their marketing, educate customers, and talk about products and services. Combining these videos with email, the highest ROI-producing channel, can boost exposure of this your marketing messages.

But what’s the best way to integrate video into your email marketing? There are a variety of email providers and apps, and a lot of popular ISPs aren’t fans of including videos in email. Because of security concerns, these ISPs strip JavaScript and iframes, two of the commonly used tools for embedding video in email.

Ask a Flowchart: How’s My Email Marketing?

There are some things that make life better. Fridays and flowcharts are two of those things.

Everyone can use an opportunity to playfully judge his or her approach to email marketing. Go from point A to whatever your point B is and discover what to do next in your journey to email marketing success. Whether you’re just starting to figure out how to send emails or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s always more to learn and improve on when it comes to the world’s top ROI-producing channel.

The Best-Kept Secret for Previewing Emails on Multiple Devices

Do you ever wish there was an easy way to view your email designs on every screen size available?

It’s no secret: of course you do.

Mobile viewership of email is skyrocketing, going head-to-head with desktops. The problem isn’t that we don’t know hand-held devices are here to rule the world. It just seems as if there are countless versions of screen sizes to design for, including giant phones and mini tablets.

Too Many Users? Solution: Subaccounts and User Permissions

Does your company have multiple branches, entities or groups that each requires its own email marketing strategy?

Is it hard for you to set up workflows for different members of your marketing team?

Maybe you’re a media company that supports several radio stations, newspapers and other outlets. Maybe you are an agency or retailer with several individual clients or locations, and don’t want users from one group to see or access other group’s data. It’s a struggle to keep the lists, templates, reports and other email marketing items separate for each of these items in one account within an email marketing platform.

Feature Friday: Integrate Forms with PostBackURL in Publicaster

Do you use forms from FormStack, Wufoo,, Sugar CRM, Web2Lead, or Google? If you use any third-party opt-in form to collect email opt-in and other information from website visitors, there’s a way to automatically update this information in a Publicaster email list. Using the power of the PostBackURL feature in Publicaster, you can create a connection between any of the forms you have stored in the places mentioned above, as well as an email list.