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3 Things To Test For Besides The Subject Line


Yeah, you read that right: We’re talking about testing. Again. Because testing is the best way you can send relevant emails that are going to get all the clicks, buddy. All of them.

But while previously we’ve harped on subject line testing, today we want to focus on the other parts of message you can and should test that we’ve neglected. Please forgive us, other parts of a message you can and should test. We’ll right our wrongs immediately.

4 Habits To Optimize Your Email Program


When it comes to sending what counts to your subscribers, it’s good to develop habits that’ll make sure your email program is constantly turned up to 11.

And while we’re happy to turn it up for you, it’s as they say: You can give a man a doughnut or 12, and he’ll eat for a day. But teach a man to use a fryer, and he’ll feast like a king until a heart attack tragically ends his life in his forties.