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How Social Coupons Drive Email Remarketing Campaigns

Get the scoop about digital coupons.

From the beginning the coupon was a successful marketing tactic, starting with Coca-Cola’s original coupon for a free Cola in the late 1800s. It’s estimated that between 1894 and 1913, one in nine Americans had received a free Coca-Cola as a result of their coupon campaigns (a total of 8,500,000 free drinks). While coupon tactics evolved throughout the century, the most recent innovation, digital coupons, has stemmed from the digital revolution.

Digital Marketing Ideas to Fire Up Your December

Ideas for your December emails!

Coming off an extra-thankful and extra-long holiday weekend, it can take a more than a strong cup of coffee to get you back in gear for the work week that awaits you. Before you get back down to business, (or cyber Monday shopping), take an extra five this morning and check out our list of favorite articles from the recent weeks and get some fresh digital marketing ideas to propel you into December.

A Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Images


There’s a common misunderstanding running amok in the marketing world right now: Brands think it’s okay to post lousy social media images.

These images are either irrelevant, pixelated, wrongly sized or otherwise unattractive.

More and more marketers are embracing and executing on the winning concept of producing educational, helpful content. They’re pouring endless time and effort into this content, which in itself, is advantageous to the brand it’s posted from. And then they promote it on social media sites.