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Personalized Emails: A Tactic That Will Earn You a Positive Response from Subscribers

By now, most marketers have realized that email is one of the best channels to impact potential customers, current customers, and even lost customers. In fact, email marketing has consistently ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment. Additionally, I’m sure most professionals can attest to checking their email multiple times a [...]

Want 40:1 ROI On Email? Do This.

It has become the digital glue for social, mobile and web. It has an ROI of up to $44, more than any other channel at your disposal. It’s constantly reinventing itself, in the last few years delivering amazing relevance to subscribers through dynamic content and real-time personalization. Email: Marketers love it for all these reasons [...]

8 Dimensions of Leadership

Recently, I’ve been studying all the leadership assessment tools. I have been finding myself in more and more situations where I am interacting with team members that I don’t have a 10+ year relationship with. Actually, its been the exact opposite: lots of new team members, lots of new challenges and opportunities, and clearly lots [...]

Why I Love Email

When you log onto the WhatCounts website, the first thing you see is our company’s philosophy: We Love Email. We hosted an event in Chicago to spread our love of email, and we have another one in just a few weeks in San Francisco. Everything we do is focused on helping our clients understand how [...]