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3 Cool Features Of The New WhatCounts Platform

So check it: We’re upgrading our our Pro platform to make the user experience a whole lot slicker. It’s something we’ve been working on for awhile, and we’re super proud to finally roll it out.   So proud that we’re kinda, sorta itching to share some of awesome stuff that’ll be coming with the upcoming [...]

4 Unintentionally Hilarious Emails From Famous People

We know, we know: “WhatCounts is about helping us send totally awesome emails. What’re you doing getting all gossipy on us?” is what you’re probably asking. Or maybe not. Moving on. Thanks to the age we live in, we get the benefit of having unprecedented access to individuals previously thought untouchable. And while we absolutely don’t condone [...]

Gmail Postmaster Improves Spam Filters, Tools For Senders

Google dropped the Gmail Postmaster Tool yesterday, and our Deliverability Expert Brad Gurley provided us with a quick scoop on it: Gmail is rolling out a new feature called Gmail Postmaster Tools […] These tools […] are designed to help senders “do better” at getting mail delivered to the Gmail inbox. The Gmail team also announced that [...]

Keeping on the Good Side: General Email Best Practices to Remember

Stay in best practice. Keep readers happy.
We’ve all been in that ever-so-frustrating situation where it feels like your inbox is out to get you. You had to search for the unsubscribe button, you couldn’t unsubscribe, you couldn’t read content on your mobile device – the list goes on and on. Email marketers, you’ve probably wondered about certain sending standards, such as [...]