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Let WhatCounts Handle All Your Email Marketing Automation Needs


Email marketing automation not only allows you to appear timely to your subscribers while sending them personalized messages, it also takes a lot off your plate and saves you the time of having to build and send individual emails.

But what takes a lot more off of your plate is just letting us do all your marketing automation for you. Here’s a quick look at what we offer:

Integrating Email Marketing With Google Analytics


Email marketing and Google Analytics go together like peas and carrots — or pizza and ranch if you aren’t the vegetable-eating type.

Which is why we’re pretty pumped to announce that we’ve enhanced the way you can automatically append links into your emails sent from our platform. Before, you could only decide at the account level whether or not Google Analytics append was automated, and we only had three of the five values available.

3 Emails We’re Digging


We’re email people and, as such, we love to talk about email with each other. But we’re people pleasers also, which is why we’re going to share some of our personal favorite emails we’ve received recently.

These three emails received high marks from the WhatCounts squad: