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Keeping on the Good Side: General Email Best Practices to Remember

Stay in best practice. Keep readers happy.
We’ve all been in that ever-so-frustrating situation where it feels like your inbox is out to get you. You had to search for the unsubscribe button, you couldn’t unsubscribe, you couldn’t read content on your mobile device – the list goes on and on. Email marketers, you’ve probably wondered about certain sending standards, such as [...]

2015 Email Marketing Resource Survival List

2015 email marketing resource list
What’s up marketing folks! So, here’s my list of email marketing resources that I found interesting for the year. I hope it’s helpful. Let me know if you guys have any additions. There is some very valuable free and paid marketing content here. If you’re a skimmer or quick-reader like me, than this list will [...]

2014 Year In Review Infographic

2014 infographic
2014 was a great year for WhatCounts. In fact, it may have been our best one yet. As we know, the end of the year often brings a time where it’s especially important to quantify your year. And while it didn’t take a bunch of statistics for us to know we had a stellar year, [...]