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Why It’s Time To Start Your Holiday Promotions


Happy November! Put down that pumpkin spice latte and grab your thinking cap because it’s time to start planning out your holiday strategy. What? Too early? No no: The consumer is allowed to think it’s too early for all the joy and cheer. But while they’re hemming and hawing about all that, they’re opening up their wallets to the tune $600 billion.

How To: Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Everyone in the retail industry knows their business depends on the whims of consumers, especially when it comes to online shopping. People often browse a website, load their digital shopping carts with goodies, and then disappear. Retailers are left with a pile of potential purchases, but no actual revenue. This trend is known as shopping cart abandonment.

Save the Abandoned Carts!

We love email. It produces the most ROI out of any other marketing channel. And it’s the best way to get online customers who abandoned their shopping carts to come back and seal the deal. If you don’t have a shopping cart abandonment series in place, let us help you get started with this smattering of resources. Don’t let another abandoned shopping cart roll away.