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How To: Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Everyone in the retail industry knows their business depends on the whims of consumers, especially when it comes to online shopping. People often browse a website, load their digital shopping carts with goodies, and then disappear. Retailers are left with a pile of potential purchases, but no actual revenue. This trend is known as shopping [...]

Our Best Resources for Retailers

Retail marketers face the ever-growing demand from customers to provide more and more personalized content. Using email to provide these hyper relevant messages to customers is the way to go. We’ve gathered our best resources for those in the eCommerce industry for them to see greater and greater ROI. MiniGuide: 15 Ways True Citrus Markets [...]

Helpful Hints for eCommerce Marketers

Email has the potential to drive huge ROI for retailers, depending on how they use it. With the right data, personalization and automation, marketers can engage with customers and send them relevant, timely messages. Below are a collection of blog posts with strategies for eCommerce marketers. Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment with Email Make sure you [...]