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National Aquarium rocks video in email best practices

The National Aquarium's sea turtle gif is an example of video in email best practices.

Video in email best practices. It’s one of those hot topics customers often ask us about.

Can we use video in email yet?

How do we best send video to our subscribers?

When will video in email be supported?

Our recommendations have always been to:

Avoid using video directly in email. Only Apple Mail supports video played directly in the inbox, so it’s not worth sending to your full list when most subscribers won’t be able to play the video.

Case Study: Virginia Tech increases CTOR by 6%


It’s the ultimate measure of an email’s success.

It goes beyond opens and clicks to show you the true level of your subscriber engagement.

It’s the metric that’s fast becoming the email marketer’s favorite.

Click-to-open rate, or CTOR, is becoming the benchmark for how email marketers view their email campaigns. It’s a simple metric with powerful implications. CTOR tells you what percentage of subscribers who opened your email also clicked on it, and so presents you with an overview of how effective your campaigns are.

Do Website Popups Really Work?

If you’ve ever moved, you know it takes a long time to unpack and get everything in order. Lots of stuff gets lost in the shuffle between the old place and the new. You almost always find one of those lost items a few months after the move, dust it off, and find a new place for it.