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[Code Tutorial] How To Utilize Hover Effects In Your Emails

The modern web experience is full of interactive elements that promote user engagement. For years, email developers have been trying to recreate this interactivity in the beloved inbox. With HTML for email stuck in the early 2000s and every email client rendering the code slightly differently, interactivity is fairly finicky. But have no fear! Over [...]

Learn How WhatCounts And 250ok Can Improve Your Email Delivery

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Brady Edwards from our friends at 250ok. Brady is an email veteran that has worked for several email service providers and is currently the Director of Customer Solutions at 250ok.  Brady’s past roles have included MTA administrator, Deliverability Specialist, and Senior Compliance Analyst. As you already know, WhatCounts provides a [...]

Practical Tips For Adding Social Media To Email

Here at WhatCounts, we’re big on guest posts (reach out to if you’re interested). Today’s post comes courtesy of Rory, who is a Senior Content Marketing Manager for Liveclicker, a long-time email geek, web analytics admirer, blogger, and email industry advocate. It’s not difficult to get Rory talking about email—which he’ll do exhaustively. His broad digital [...]