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How to Build your Email List: Convert Current Site Visitors

“How do I build my email list?” is one of the top questions in marketing today. It’s a common issue with which every marketer struggles. With email marketing as the most direct and effective marketing channel, you need to be sure you not only capture email leads, but high quality email leads for future marketing efforts. [...]

Case Study: Virginia Tech increases CTOR by 6%

It’s the ultimate measure of an email’s success. It goes beyond opens and clicks to show you the true level of your subscriber engagement. It’s the metric that’s fast becoming the email marketer’s favorite. Click-to-open rate, or CTOR, is becoming the benchmark for how email marketers view their email campaigns. It’s a simple metric with [...]

The Deal about Data

One of the fundamentals all email marketers should know about is data and how it works with and helps their email programs. A basic understanding of what customer data you’re collecting is essential to using it to personalize your email campaigns. There’s been a lot of talk about data among marketers recently, and it can [...]