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Oversights You’re Making With Your Cart Abandonment Emails


Our Senior Strategist Fawn Young is back again to drop some knowledge on you about abandoned cart campaigns and why it’s always important to check in on your marketing automation.

Abandoned cart emails are big revenue drivers. They are typically automated campaigns that once setup can run well on their own via automation. However, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to never check in on them.  Case in point, this abandoned cart email from Lands’ End.

Integrating Email Marketing With Google Analytics


Email marketing and Google Analytics go together like peas and carrots — or pizza and ranch if you aren’t the vegetable-eating type.

Which is why we’re pretty pumped to announce that we’ve enhanced the way you can automatically append links into your emails sent from our platform. Before, you could only decide at the account level whether or not Google Analytics append was automated, and we only had three of the five values available.

3 Emails We’re Digging


We’re email people and, as such, we love to talk about email with each other. But we’re people pleasers also, which is why we’re going to share some of our personal favorite emails we’ve received recently.

These three emails received high marks from the WhatCounts squad:

Customize an HTML Email in 5 Steps Using Our Theme Library & Layout Editor


Today’s post comes courtesy of Keith Nickoles, a member of the WhatCounts Campaign Production Services team and WhatCounts Platform Super-Wizard.

The Theme Library and Layout Editor are two newer tools added to our platform to help boost versatility and productivity when it comes to adding, updating and editing email. Our Theme Library is where your Layouts will be created from. There are several default themes available as well as custom themes that we can create for you and place in this Library. Once you’ve chosen a Theme, simply create a child Layout and you will be directed to the Layout Editor. The Layout Editor provides you with an intuitive, code-less, and user-friendly way of creating and editing content. It allows you to redesign modular-styled layouts as well as update content before preparing your email for testing and deployment.