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It’s Official: The First CASL Fine

The first CASL fine just got dealt out!
In July 2014, nearly three years after its initial passing, the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) was enacted by Canada’s government, which imposed strict fines on senders who failed to follow guidelines around permission and identification. Since then, many in the industry had questioned the extent to which the law would be enforced. Last week the Canadian Radio-television [...]

How We Increased our Email Engagement Rate

Find out how we increased our engagement rate.
Something I got tired of doing recently was sending our weekly newsletter. Don’t get me wrong, the process of creating the newsletter is a thrill I wouldn’t miss out on: choosing the content from partners and industry experts, carefully combing through stock photos and creating imagery. Crafting the perfect copy for each section in hopes [...]

Email Retargeting is a No-Brainer

How simple is email retargeting?
I bet you didn’t know today, Feb. 27, is known as “No-Brainer Day.” In honor of this oh-so-well-known day, I’d like to discuss something that really is a no-brainer for marketers: email re-targeting. As marketers we ALL know it costs less to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. Acquisition strategies are important [...]

Take Your Retail Email Marketing Up a Notch

It's time to do more with your retail email marketing.
Good news! According to a recent MarketingSherpa study, 61 percent of people say they like getting promotional emails once a week, and what’s more, some subscribers want it on a more frequent basis. Retailers have a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of this goodwill. Subscribers know a generic e-blast when they see one, so marketers must take their [...]