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Litmus: Email Subject Line Myths

Our friends over at Litmus just dropped a great blog post on subject lines. They tackled six myths a lot of us believe about subject lines and debunked them with some very compelling data. They myths they address are: “Subject lines have the biggest impact on whether a subscriber opens an email” “Subject lines can only impact [...]

6 Emails That Did Right By GIFs

Using a GIF in a message can really elevate your email marketing. And while we’re not advocating that suddenly you fill all your emails with them, they do provide a few benefits that other forms of media-in-email can’t: They can be more effective than static images and videos. Making a video for email can be extremely time [...]

3 Emails We Wanted To Highlight

Every so often, we like to shout out some brands that are doing it right when it comes to email marketing. Here’s three more that hit all the right notes. 3. Remember when we used to stream together? We miss that. From: Daniel Caplin, CMO Sender: Amazon “Nice reengagement.” 2. Our hearts are with those affected by [...]