A Breakdown Of Google’s Postmaster

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Awhile back, we asked our deliverability guru Brad Gurley to weigh in on Google’s new Gmail Postmaster Tools. He gave us a small teaser of what he thought, but now he’s returned to us with his full breakdown. Enjoy!

It’s been nearly 2 months since Google announced their Gmail Postmaster Tools, designed to help senders manage their Gmail reputation and performance. A lot has happened in the world since July 10th – Chipotle delivery, a new iPhone, and an entire NFL preseason, for example – so what have we learned about Gmail delivery from our time with these tools?

Deliverability 101: Back To The Basics Q & A

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During our recent webinar titled Deliverability 101: Back to the Basics, we had a great turnout and lots of well thought-out questions that we, unfortunately, didn’t have to time to answer. After the session ended, we compiled those questions and we’ll be addressing some of the best and most-asked ones here.

Warm it up! The why and how of an IP warmup

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Often when we have new senders or senders who acquire a new dedicated IP address, we get questions about how to best warm up the IP addresses – or even why a warmup is necessary. A “cold” IP, or an IP that has sent little or no traffic in the preceding 30-45 days, will require a ramp-up period to ensure the best delivery to ISPs and mailbox providers. The ramp-up typically starts with a small number of emails per day per IP and volume doubles every few days. This allows the ISPs to see a gradual increase in traffic and establish a sender reputation for the IP(s).

It’s Official: The First CASL Fine

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In July 2014, nearly three years after its initial passing, the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) was enacted by Canada’s government, which imposed strict fines on senders who failed to follow guidelines around permission and identification. Since then, many in the industry had questioned the extent to which the law would be enforced.

Storming the CASL: Last-minute questions from concerned marketers

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As many marketers already know, the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) is set to take effect on July 1. For anyone who’s counting, that’s just one week away!

If you’re like most senders we know, your CASL preparations are already well underway and you’ve taken full advantage of our CASL resources. Even so, you may need some last-minute advice before the law goes into full force – and you’re not alone. We’ve gotten lots of questions from senders who want to make sure they’re compliant, and this post will address some of the more common threads.