Top 3 Books to Read in 2015

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We all struggle to find balance in life. Often it feels impossible, but it isn’t. Maybe the answer lies in making things simple, not constantly making them more complex. I picked these top 3 books to read in 2015 for this exact reason – they’ve helped me find balance and I truly believe have made […]

8 Dimensions of Leadership

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Recently, I’ve been studying all the leadership assessment tools. I have been finding myself in more and more situations where I am interacting with team members that I don’t have a 10+ year relationship with. Actually, its been the exact opposite: lots of new team members, lots of new challenges and opportunities, and clearly lots […]

Guest post: Why are you not Personalized?

In this guest post about getting personalized, our president and CEO Allen Nance challenges digital marketers to pursue what really matters: Personalized, relevant, automated content that your customers will love. This was originally posted on Allen’s blog on June 25, 2013.    You guessed it, on another flight. Headed to New York, New York for […]

4 Things To Look Forward To at Email Insider Summit

I am excited to travel to another Email Insiders Summit. I have always been motivated by my favorite statement: Dream Big. Work Hard. Learn Constantly. Enjoy Life. This event embodies these four focus areas. Attendees will be dreaming big about growing their email marketing ROI by innovating the customer experience. Lots of people work very […]