4 Holiday Emails That Are Doing It Right

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Every now and then, we like to take a look at some brands that are hitting all the right notes when it comes to their messaging. Today’s rendition is our holiday edition, because who isn’t pumped that the holidays are almost here?

So let’s jump right in!

1. How do we say sorry… ?

From: Jenny Durr, Customer Success Manager

Sender: Really Good Emails

“Nice holiday sorry email that still included content below the message.”


The apology.

The apology.


Snippet of the content.

Snippet of the content.

2. Garth & Trisha kick-off 12 days of #UglyXmasSweater Today!

From: Katie Thomas, Director of Customer Success

Sender: Garthbrooks.com

“Fun and cute holiday email.”


3. Your Holiday Gift Has Arrived…

From: Analee Bueras, Customer Success Coordinator

Sender: Postmates

“Great idea to encourage the click through.”


4. On The 1st Day

From: Ben Smith, Marketing Content Manager

Sender: Chubbies

Really great usage of combining the sender name, the subject line, and email preheader to generate the click through. They’re offering tiered deals also.


Subject Line


Tiered offerings.


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