8 Dimensions of Leadership

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Recently, I’ve been studying all the leadership assessment tools. I have been finding myself in more and more situations where I am interacting with team members that I don’t have a 10+ year relationship with. Actually, its been the exact opposite: lots of new team members, lots of new challenges and opportunities, and clearly lots of opportunities for me to be a better leader. I’ve been looking for a standard assessment tool and framework we could implement to help facilitate leadership development. I took 20+ tests, some stupid, some good, but only one that was great.

What is your leadership dimension?Why is “8 Dimensions of Leadership” my recommended assessment and book?

– First things first, it says I am “Pioneering” – how the hell could I not pick the one that said I was “Pioneering”?

– It is a “self-assessment” tool and it is “free”.

– There is a corresponding book that is easy to read, easy to understand, and not full of psychology gibberish.

– The feedback in the book is “actionable” and it provides clear examples.

– Best of all, the feedback focuses on “blind spots” you need to work on to be a better leader.

So, what did the assessment and book point me to? It put me in the “Pioneering” group, with my opposite DiSC being “Humble”. All the good stuff was the standard: I see opportunity everywhere, blah blah blah, but the real value came from exploring my blind spots and how they effect my ability to be a great leader.

First blind spot or opportunity to get better: more attention to process and planning. Stop laughing. The book basically says I can have a meeting, draw a picture on a white board, snap a photo with my iThingy, and bingo, that’s the plan! What’s the blind spot? LOL. Maybe, just maybe, my team members would appreciate just a little bit more detail, process, and a clear path forward (next steps).

My second blind spot is holding people accountable. This one was surprising. I actually thought I did that; however, the more I studied it, I realized I don’t. I spend most, if not all, of my day believing everyone does what they say they will do, and everyone will just figure out how to get something done. So why would I follow up and close the loop? I am fully committed to being a great leader. I will continue to leverage my strengths, but I will also focus on my blind spots.

Go take the test and ping me – let me know what you are and what blind spot you are committed to seeing!

Allen Nance, CEO of WhatCounts
Twitter: @AllenNance
Blog: AllenNance.com

This content has been re-posted from Allen’s blog with his express permission.

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