6 Digital Marketing Articles to Read Now

Get the news with these digital marketing articles.Need a digital marketing pick-me-up? These articles from the past week or so is the medicine the doctor ordered. Get different perspectives about email, deliverability, design and more with these digital marketing articles.

ClickZ: Is Email Innovation an Oxymoron? No! Here’s Why

Design Taxi: Google Unveils ‘Material Design’ Update Across Android, Chrome & The Web

The Daily Egg: The Surprising Secret to Higher Email Open Rates

Return Path: Spamhaus DBL Changes Coming – What List Users Need to Know

Search Engine Watch: Google Tries to Steal How-To Traffic in Organic Search Results

Fast Company: Why Our Brains Crave Storytelling In Marketing

Last but not least, don’t forget tomorrow, Canada’s Anti-Spam Law goes into effect, with massive fines dealt out to those who aren’t in compliance. Eek, scary! Don’t subject yourself to the messiness of this legislation; make it a priority to get your email marketing ready.

First, download and read The Email Marketer’s Ultimate Checklist for Canada’s Anti-Spam Law. If you have additional questions, skip over to our most recent blog post answering specific questions from email marketers.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts
Twitter: @ugigirl

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