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When someone does something for you – gives you a gift, a compliment, helps you at work – you say thank you to show your appreciation. It’s a cultural norm that feels good to hear and to say. It helps to give a sense of value and deepen relationships. The opposite is also true: Not saying thank you can hurt a relationship and make someone feel his or her actions weren’t appreciated. It could even cause a person to cease to do those acts in the future.

If a thank you can be so powerful, why don’t we include it more within email? Our subscribers let us into their inbox, they engage with our content, respond back through opens, clicks and purchases. Some even send their feedback through surveys or product ratings.

Today I challenge you to send a dedicated Thank You Campaign to your subscribers. Let them know you’re thankful for their interest, their engagement, and for letting you into their inboxes. Company milestones, holiday emails, welcome emails, and post-purchase emails are all perfect opportunities to say thanks.

Here are some examples of various thank you emails.

A thank-you email from Otterbox.


A Christmas thank-you email from Costco.


A thank you from the whole team at iClick.And I wanted to also thank you (yes, you!) for reading and engaging with WhatCounts – especially this blog post! Now go forth – surprise and delight your subscribers by saying thank you. If you don’t know where to start or are short on resources, let us know. We’d love to help!

Lauren Bell
Director of Strategic Services, WhatCounts

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