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The Deal about DataOne of the fundamentals all email marketers should know about is data and how it works with and helps their email programs. A basic understanding of what customer data you’re collecting is essential to using it to personalize your email campaigns. There’s been a lot of talk about data among marketers recently, and it can be difficult to process what everything means. Here are some of our resources about data and what it means for email marketers.

Forget Big Data: Try Right Data Instead!

In this blog post, learn the difference between so-called valuable “big data” and collecting the right data for your specific email program.

9 Pillars of Retention Marketing Automation: Using Smart Data to Keep More Customers & Rock the Holidays!

Get out the earbuds! In this webinar, our partner Windsor Circle walks you through practical strategies for using your data. And it’s never too early to start prepping for the winter holidays.

How to Think Critically About Email Marketing Data

Do your email marketing numbers ever start to blur? If you’re not sure how to interpret your metrics, this blog post gives tips you can use daily.

How to integrate Google Analytics campaign data into email lists

You’re collecting Google Analytics data. You’re collecting subscriber data. Integrate the two with this step-by-step guide.

What is relational data, anyway?

If you’ve never heard of relational data, buckle up. Get ready for your data to be organized efficiently so you can use it to segment and personalize email campaigns.

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