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It's a gift! Digital marketing resources just for you.Every so often on our blog, we like to bring you a sprinkling of digital marketing resources from experts in the industry. Although we love email, we know when all your marketing channels are performing at their best, you win. So we’ve gathered the articles we’ve found most interesting from the past week or two to share with you here. Enjoy!

What’s everyone else doing? Social media in tourism survey results

This is one for all of our readers in the travel, hotel or tourism industry. The results of this survey give a snapshot of where you stand among your peers. It also helps you measure how you fit into the mix of respondents, and see you’re not alone in dealing with some common challenges.

Email Marketing Analytics: Fight for your right to not be bored

How do you know if a certain amount of clicks is good or bad? Analytics by themselves don’t mean much unless you can give meaning to the numbers. Fight metrics boredom by asking three important questions about your analytics. Find out what those questions are in this article!

Why Making the Unsubscribe Easy is Important to Your Email Marketing Program

We’ve often touted the benefits of promoting the unsubscribe option in your emails. It should be viewed as a win-win scenario when subscribers choose to leave your mailing list. In fact, analyzing unsubscribes can help you plan better emails suited to what your subscribers truly desire.

How to Analyze Your Social Media Activities With Excel

Keeping track of your social media metrics can be difficult. What to measure and how to measure it are always challenges. But you don’t actually need a fancy piece of software or the latest app to figure out the ROI of your social media. Learn how the basic Excel spreadsheet will do the trick.

Seven Facts Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Users

You’re probably aware more emails are now opened on mobile browsers than desktops. You probably know a lot of other marketing-related mobile metrics, which is good. But have you ever considered the people and behaviors behind those numbers? This article is just that.

What did you think of these articles? Agree or disagree? Tell us in the comments below.

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