Here’s What’s Happening in Email Marketing

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Here's what's happening in email marketing.Have you seen these recently-released resources? If you haven’t, dig into articles about email marketing relevance, social media trends and design strategies. Here’s what’s happening in email marketing.

Email Marketing: The benefits email campaigns can have for your business
There’s no doubt email marketing works. The statistics prove it. But it works even better when marketers view it as a tool to discover more about their customers. Instead of just focusing on email metrics, you should be focusing on where emails take your customers and how you can personalize your messages.

Why marketers should keep sending you emails
Having trouble convincing a higher-up email is important for your business? Here are a few tactics to make your case from the experts at Marketing Sherpa.

Marketer Quarterly: The Relevancy Ring Report
The Marketer Quarterly just released an excerpt of the “The Relevancy Ring” report which evaluates ESPs based on a number of attributes including penetration and performance in the inbox. Find out how WhatCounts scored!

Social Media Trends of 2014 – What Do They Mean for YOU?
Although email is king, social media has a place in your marketing strategy, too. This article lists some trends on the way in 2014. Find out how they may affect you and what you should do about them.

Life Above and Beyond the Fold
It’s a mantra journalists, designers and marketers have held to for a long time: Most important content goes above the fold (upper third). This still holds true, but there are ways you can draw readers’ eyes farther down the page or screen. Here are some tips for doing just that.

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