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Industry updates for mobile and social, as well as industry trends.We love sailing the seven seas of the digital marketing world to bring you timely updates. Trawling the waters this week, we came across these articles about mobile shopping and social networking. We also couldn’t help but include the article from last week’s WhatCounts Weekly – it has so many nuggets to help you market smarter!


In One Word, the Big Difference Between Good and Bad Mobile Shopping

Want a picture of mobile’s influence on eCommerce? Check out the stats in this article. It will show you specifically what trends retailers have noticed when it comes to good and bad consumer shopping experiences. Pocket this information to improve your emails and market smarter.

Tweeting at the Top: How the Fortune 500 Use Twitter

If you think the giants on the Fortune 500 list always have their ducks in a row, think again. Here’s a look at how some of them aren’t following best practices when it comes to their Twitter accounts. Don’t make these same mistakes!

Pew Internet: 73 Percent of Adults Now Using Social Networking Sites

Social media is now popular with adults. Facebook is the most engaging social media presence, but many grown-ups are active on multiple networks. As you consider your social media strategy moving forward, compare your target market demographics to these statistics.

Consumers Becoming Less Trusting of Google, Warier of Facebook, Twitter

As marketers are collecting more and more data, people are becoming more cautious. It’s always a fine line when the right time is to send the right personalized message. What may seem like a perfect time to you could make a consumer feel like you know too much about what they do. If consumers are becoming warier, marketers must follow suit.

The Future of Email Marketing 2014

This article is a veritable gem of collected content from best-of-the-best marketing experts. Learn about predicted trends and events for 2014: email marketing, mobile, social media and more.

We’d love to know what you think about these articles. Maybe you have experienced some of these trends, or maybe you’ve experience the opposite. Please tell us about it in the comments below!

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