6 Predictions for the Future

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Predictions for the Future: 2014

You don’t need a crystal ball to see some events in the future. Some can be foretold by considering past behaviors and analyzing industry trends. Come look into the future of digital marketing with these nuggets of advice from experts in the digital marketing field. Here are six of the best predictions for the future, and most specifically, for the next year:

What Becomes of Facebook in 2014?

The social media gargantuan Facebook has enacted a lot of changes this year alone. In this article, learn about the most recent and most significant changes, and how it affects digital marketers.

Chris Penn: My 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

The lines formed in 2013 and this year the battles will begin. From social media to pay-to-play and digital marketing acquisitions and mergers, as marketers, we’ll be asked to choose sides on all of these issues.

Holiday Cheer: Major Uptick in Mobile Sales, Traffic

If this doesn’t convince you responsive design is the only way to go, not much will. Not only are mobile views of emails and websites up, but mobile purchases on those devices also increased, especially during the holidays.

Mobile Opens Hit 51 Percent; Android Claims #3 Spot

Let me reiterate: Responsive, mobile-friendly design is the only way to go. According to this article, mobile opens are now higher on average than desktop opens. Your focus this year should be determining the best design for different mobile browsers.

Twitter Launches Conversion Tracking, Now Available Globally

Now Twitter advertisers can track a click from a promoted tweet all the way through to a sale with conversion tracking. Advertisers can also see other Twitter-specific metrics related to their promoted tweets.

Steve Grove: Google+ could do for live video, what YouTube did for recorded video

Google+ the underdog? Try top dog. Or so this insider speculates in an article riddled with stories of how Google+ may soon become the next big thing. The possibilities with live video and other features seem almost endless.

Tell us if you agree or disagree with any of these predictions and why in the comments below. Or maybe you have additional predictions of your own – we’d love to hear those, too.

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