The ABCs of Email Testing

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The ABCs of Email TestingYou’ll notice one word popping up a lot in this blog post: testing. That’s because it’s one of the most important actions digital marketers can take to improve their email programs. Testing is often a brick wall for email marketers. It takes time and energy, something you’re already short on. You’ve got to get that email template done earlier than usual, you’ve got to strategize what it is you’re testing, and then you have to create one or more variations of what you’re testing. Before you throw up your hands and say oy vey, read these ABCs of email testing we’ve written:


How to Know if Your A/B Split Test Really Worked

You may be comfortable with setting up an A/B split test, but do you know what metrics to look for to determine the winner? This blog post walks you through the steps of determining which variation won, and if the winner is statistically significant. If it isn’t, then there may not be a true winner of your test.

It’s Time to Test!

If you’re clueless – or close to it – about email testing, don’t worry. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all have to take the plunge. Luckily, you have this blog post to show you the steps to creating a successful email test.

The Power of Creative Testing

No clue what to test? At the ends of your creative rope? We understand. This blog post lists different items in emails that you can test. If you’ve run email tests in the past using one or more of these ideas, and haven’t seen substantive results, we have good news for you. Read more!

How to Increase Performance and Revenue with Email Testing (whitepaper)

From simple methods to complex strategies, this whitepaper covers what to test, when you should test, and how to approach each test to maximize your marketing ROI. Whether you’re a novice marketer that dabbles in the digital world or a veteran in the field, this book runs the gamut when it comes to useful knowledge that is easy to implement.

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