Forget Big Data: Try Right Data, Instead!

Consumers are smart, and they have come to assume that messages from marketers are going to be tailored to their specific wants and needs. Personalized email marketing is no longer a choice – you must do it in order to reach your customers. That’s where Smart Marketing comes in, enabling you to harness your customer data across multiple channels such as web, email, social and mobile.

Forget Big Data – you need Right Data. This is specific information that is strategically pulled from several sources, starting with data that is already stored in your CRM, sales system or preference site. Suppose your data is jumbled, unorganized and hard to use? That’s where our services team steps in. We can assist you in organizing, mapping, and integrating your system data into email and other digital marketing campaigns.


Organizing your system data is one way that WhatCounts enhances what you already have. Another way we can enhance what you already have is by automatically assimilating demographic, behavioral, and social graph data into it. You can hand us what you have, and we will take care of the enhancements.

Inevitably, your system is going to produce more data that can be used to further personalize messages. We collect and store that data, which is so valuable for creating Smart Segments later on. WhatCounts can store all system-generated tracking including: campaigns deployed, opens, clicks, social shares, conversions and mobile views. We can store this data by individual client and individual email address. Collecting this specific data and storing it in a way that is easy to access, view, and use is an important first step when it comes to Smart Marketing. Here’s an example of WhatCounts weekly newsletter, the GameChanger, before and after we used Right Data in our system to personalize it:




There is one more place from which to pull relevant data that can be used in your Smart Marketing: third party web analytics such as Google Analytics and Omniture. WhatCounts can also integrate our own deep tracking codes into your website to collect conversion information, as well as additional actions and analytics.

Pulling Right Data is the essential first step to sending smarter, personalized messages that will bring you more revenue. The next step is to use this Smart Data to create Smart Segments, and we’ll cover how to do that in the next blog post in the Smart Marketing series.

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts


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