Do Something About It: The Importance of Applied Analytics in your Email Marketing


Here at WhatCounts, we talk about and support analytics a lot. We’ve offered you a tutorial on email analytics and identifying email-driven website traffic. We also explained the process of pulling the data off of Google Analytics and converting it into segments in the Publicaster and Professional Editions of the WhatCounts platform. If you are collecting data using analytics, then you have a lot of valuable information on your hands.

But what are you doing with the data you collect?

Collecting is not enough. You should also be analyzing the information you accumulate so you can influence your email campaigns to be more personalized. One person, if not a team of people, should be dedicated to deciphering the analytics data you pull in and then applying it to email campaigns through creative, personalized messaging.

If the amount of your mobile users is on the rise, are you creating content and designing email templates that specifically speak to that segmentation and render correctly on their device? You should be. If some of your subscribers are from a certain state or city, are you writing emails and promoting information or discounts specific to that location? You should be. Evaluating and applying the information gathered from analytics is a key piece of the personalization puzzle.

We can also help you in person at our Summit in Atlanta. Chris Penn, VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, will walk you through an intensive web analytics session designed to help you better understand and use Google Analytics. If you’re not already using the WhatCounts platform to segment data, we’d be happy to help you! Your account manager can show you where the segmentation rules are located in the Smart Marketing Engine, or you can email

Joy Ugi
Digital Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts


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