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From social media to data management, we’re bringing you the latest and greatest in digital marketing news. We hope this information will help you to grow what you are already doing and inspire you with bigger and brighter ideas for your marketing plans.

1. Five Ways Brands Can Use Twitter’s Vine App
If you’re not involved in social media today, then you are not fully connecting with your customers. From Facebook, to Twitter, to LinkedIn and many more, social media channels are a way for you to carry on conversations with customers that you have started in your email marketing. New to the social media landscape is the Vine app for Twitter – you can post six-second videos with your tweets. In this article, learn how you can monetize Vine for your brand, and have even better and more extensive relationships with consumers.

2. List Building with Social Media
If you’re still not a social media believer when it comes to growing your brand, marketing and customer base, then let Amy Porterfield tell you how you can grow your list using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. She gives specific tactics you can use in the social media world to get people to want to receive more communications from you.

3. Burberry Adds Scannable Tags Into Clothes, Bags
Burberry has grasped the concept of collecting creative and valuable data. With its Smart Personalization campaign, the company is reaching out to its customers and segmenting them. They can use this information later on in marketing campaigns.

4. Track This: Web Tags Surged 53 Percent in 2012
There’s a great trend taking place online: More and more companies are tracking their data online. However, this article also talks about how some companies are running risks by not keeping tabs on what data they are collecting, and in the process, are losing important information. WhatCounts helps you manage the tags on your site and control where your data flows.

5. How to Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing
Are you using hashtags correctly in your social media postings? Hashtags are especially popular with Twitter users and can help you separate your brand into its own unique category on this social media platform.

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