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5 Responses to "Is the email newsletter dead?"
  1. Sonia Best-Koetting says:

    These 3 steps are the same for ANY visual material. I could use a discussion on choosing fonts for an e-newsletter, or how to FIND visuals when you really have none other than logo and headlines.

  2. Ben Boykin says:

    I’d be interested to hear feedback re: proper use of images. Is it advisable to include a larger image like what you are displaying here with each different section of content being discussed or rather to embed a smaller within the content? Is their greater engagement per se’.

    Also, because attention spans seem to be diminishing would it be encouraged to utilize more and more bullet point type formatting rather than paragraph style?


    • Sarah Zibanejadrad says:

      I would definitely suggest “shorter is better” when it comes to the 140-character-long attention span of many readers these days. However, if your readers are looking to learn something from your content, maybe use a longer section towards the bottom with a summary above?

      As for the pictures, it really depends on your readers. If you are relying on images, though, make sure you have descriptions in the alternate text for the images in case your subscribers has their images turned off. Also, don’t rely on your content being completely image-based, as some people cannot download images, depending on what device they are reading their email on.

  3. Steve Klinghoffer says:

    Email marketing was initially attractive because people received too much physical mail. Now the opposite is true. Email inboxes are flooded and people only have so much time to read. It’s important to capture attention with an engaging title and back it up with useful content.

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