How Email Templates are Like Mr. Potato Head

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Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head are truly great, timeless toys. I played with them growing up and now I watch my own kids play with them to this day. Let’s face it: Nothing is as fun as putting a pair of eyes, a nose, hands, glasses, a moustache, accessories and feet on a potato in different places. You can literally create something new, fun and different every time you pick one up.

What if your email template was just as fun and refreshing? What if you had a Mr. Potato Head email template that you could plug-in different headers, content layouts, image sizes, video, social options and footers to create something new fun and refreshing with every send? It’d be pretty cool, right? Well, it’s 100% doable.

Different agencies have different names for them, but at WhatCounts we call them “Mix N Match Templates” – Because that is what it truly allows you to do: Mix and match different elements in a flexible framework to create something new and refreshing with every send.

Being flexible, refreshing, and unpredictable in your email creative is key in keeping your customers engaged in your program. Think about it…If you get the same email layout and generally the same email creative from a company day-in, day-out and week after week a couple of things are going to happen:

  1. You are going to start assuming that the content will always be the same and possibly start ignoring the email or opening it less often then you did when you first signed up.
  2. When all of the emails look the same, it’s hard to separate a normal send from a send with new offers, promotions, or special content. If nothing feels new or special, nothing compels you to act.

Always stay fresh with your creative and your templates and truly give your customer base a program that engages and keeps them on their toes – both you and your users will notice a difference.

 Alex Bardoff
Creative Manager, WhatCounts

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