Your November 2012 Email Marketing Plan

It’s November 1, 2012. Let’s talk about the month ahead.

One of the discoveries we made when assembling our Holiday Email Marketing Guide is that November is the month of lost opportunity for email marketers. It’s during November that many businesses begin to slow down for the year, with employees taking time off for the holidays and winter weather beginning to dampen productivity. Here’s a look at what email volume sent in 2011 looked like:


Notice the significant dip towards the middle of November. Email marketers – businesses – took time off for the holidays. But what were the customers doing?


That’s right – customer demand, customer search volume for things like gift ideas were ramping up rapidly. Despite the fact that interest was high and increasing, email marketers dropped the ball during the middle of November and didn’t pick it up until after Thanksgiving. Email marketers missed a critical period of time when consumers were searching for gift ideas, but email wasn’t being sent to them with gift ideas and offers.

If there’s one piece of advice I can offer you for your November 2012 email marketing plans, it’s this: go full burn with content creation in the first week of November and then use the scheduler in your email marketing platform to have content available even when you’re not. Don’t let the opportunities pass you by because you’re out of the office – create your content now, schedule it now, and reap the rewards while your competitors miss the boat!

Christopher S. Penn
Director of Inbound Marketing, WhatCounts

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