Testing From Addresses in Email Marketing


One of the most underestimated factors in email marketing is the fundamental “from” address. The “from” address can affect the most important metrics, such as deliverability and open rates, but is often times overlooked when testing the effectiveness of email campaigns.

You can use a variety of methods to test your “from” addresses when sending to subscribers, but one of the simplest ways is the tried and true A/B split test. You can approach the address the same way you would any other element that you would test in an email Divide the list you plan on sending to into two segments. For one segment, use the “from” address that you typically use for your email sends. For the other segment, create a different “from” address that is different from your usual email address. For example, if your usual “from” address is donotreply@whatcounts.com, try using newsletter@whatcounts.com or even an account with a name such as sarah@whatcounts.com to personalize the email, depending on the content and voice of your message. Just make sure that regardless of what your alternate “from” address is, your email platform needs to register this as an actual account in order to track metrics such as the bounce rate.

After deploying your campaign, compare the open rates, bounce rates, and click-through rates for both sends. If you’re seeing a significant improvement in using one email address over the other, you can now implement that “from” address in future campaigns and see if it remains as successful. If you see no difference in audience reaction between the two “from” addresses, you can always try trading out one of the addresses for a different option next time to see if there is any change or merely leave it alone.

Once you establish which “from” address works best for your email campaigns, stick with it. For deliverability and inbox recognition purposes, you don’t want to change your address too often. However, it’s good to test every once in awhile to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your email marketing strategy.


Sarah Zibanejadrad
Inbound Marketing, WhatCounts

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3 Responses to "Testing From Addresses in Email Marketing"
  1. Nick Stamoulis says:

    Having the “from” address be from an actual person can be a good strategy. People want to get to know other people. That puts some personality into the email.

    • Sarah Zibanejadrad says:

      Agreed, plus it doesn’t scream “Hey, a robot just mass-emailed you. Hope you feel special!” Even if people are well-aware that their message it apart of a mass send, it doesn’t mean they want for it to be noticeable.

  2. jelly andrews says:

    is interesting. But it

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