Don’t Forget the Other Holidays

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Other holidays - Halloween

When thinking about deploying holiday email campaigns, typically sending  any time after Thanksgiving until December 26th is the only time that comes to mind. What about the other holidays?

Holidays like Halloween and New Year’s often get brushed aside for big email campaigns, resulting in more emails being sent between early November and late December. Of course, this is because retail sales pick up during this 8-week period with consumers purchasing gifts, decorations, and all holiday-related products. But, Halloween and New Year’s are also a great time to promote your products and services, just for a different reason.

Halloween is a great time to start getting your message into a recipient’s inbox. Not only will they begin to recognize your name, subject lines, and brand, but it will also get them to begin looking at your product before their inbox is flooded from everyone and their mother (literally). Also, a number of consumers take Halloween pretty seriously, between decorating and dressing up, resulting in spending a significant amount before the “holiday season” even begins. Why not take advantage of the calm before the storm by sending a few Halloween-themed emails to pique your list’s interest? Use Halloween-themed templates, content, and subject lines to remind your list that you can supply their Halloween purchases, as well.

Another holiday that is often neglected in the big push for holiday emails is New Year’s. Once Christmas is over, most marketers assume that the motivation to buy has passed. However, what about all of the purchases motivated by a new year? Clothes for New Year’s Eve parties, resolutions, and surviving the holidays are all great reasons to reach out to your list to encourage them to buy. By this point, consumers have spent the last month buying merchandise for everyone else in their life but themselves. Introduce the idea of buying something for their needs with subject lines like “Get a gift for yourself, you’ve earned it!” or “Get a jump start on your New Year’s resolution!”

Although it’s not a holiday, weather is also a  fantastic reason to reach out to your list. Early snowfall, cold snaps, or the first freeze of the season makes buyers get “winter fever.” Suddenly people realize they need a new winter coat, a snow shovel, or items to make their home more cozy. Once this happens, you need to have copy and graphics ready to be sent at a moment’s notice to take advantage of this event as soon as it happens.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to your advantage when setting yourself apart from the competition in your upcoming holiday email campaigns. In keeping with our continued theme, in our upcoming posts we will go over economic services and how to incorporate social aspects to your next send.

Sarah Zibanejadrad
Inbound Marketing Coordinator, WhatCounts

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