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2 Responses to "When is the best time to email, part 4"
  1. Cedric says:

    Hi, don’t you think the key is “when” people open their email instead Of “when” firms send email?

    • Tim Brechlin says:

      Cedric, the idea behind this exercise is to find out exactly when your competitors are sending their email during the week, and to combine that data with your own data after doing a 168-hour metered send, and in doing so, finding the sweet spot of when your emails perform best at a time when your competitors aren’t sending as much mail.
      Think of it this way: We all complain, at some point or another, about inbox clutter. Messages pile up during the day and they never stop coming. As email marketers, it behooves us to send our emails when the signal-to-noise ratio of your audience’s inbox isn’t completely out of whack — and while we can’t know that precise point for our list since every person’s inbox is different, signing up for all of our competitors’ newsletters and assembling the data of their send times allows us to have a decent idea of how to be arriving in the inbox (hopefully making it to the inbox, anyway) at a time when they aren’t.

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